Saturday, March 18, 2006

Candidate #1 for Montini

This drink takes its dusky orange color from the juice of the blood orange and dark rum. The sour lemon and cinamon prevent over-sweetness. The result is sweet, drinkable, and potent.

2 oz Flor de CaƱa (Nicaraguan Dark Rum)
2 oz Patron Citronage
1 lemon
1 blood orange
2 cups cracked ice
3 Tbsp raw tubinado sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

Mix cinamon and turbinado sugar in a bowl wider than a martini glass. Combine rum and orange liqueur in a tall shaker. Slice and squeeze lemon juice into the mix. Include the pulp by scraping against the rim of the shaker. Avoid the peel; zest would make this drink bitter. Rub lemon on rims of two chilled martini glasses. Invert glasses into sugar bowl and spin, to coat the rims. Juice and pulp-scrape the blood orange. Fill shaker three quarters full with cracked ice. Add half of the blood orange. Shake vigorously. Pour into sugared martini glasses. Makes two servings.


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